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I never have understood why so many people seem to dislike pantsuits.
Personally, I've always thought that trousers were much more modest than
skirts, and more practical.

But then, I've thought for many years that whoever designed women's clothes
must have HATED women with a hatred that makes my worst furies look like
gurgling oogly love.

Beatrice Otter:

Heh. I think it's that most fashion designers aren't designing "clothes" for people to wear as they live their lives; they are designing "looks" meant to be works of art that get them applause on runways.

I blame Charles Worth, founder of the House of Worth. Until then, women's clothes were made by seamstresses. A woman (rich enough not to have to make her own clothes) would go to a seamstress/modiste and tell her exactly what she wanted and the seamstress would make the dress that the woman wanted. Worth changed all that. He was the one making the designs, and required women wearing his gowns to come to him for inspection before they could wear them to the ball--because it was all about what *he* had designed. Now, the man was a great artist; but most people do not want to wear clothes that are works of art as advertisement for the designer, they want to wear things that are comfortable and practical and fit the occasion. But since Worth's day, everything in the clothing industries has been fit around his way of doing business (where women adapt to the clothes) instead of the earlier way (where the clothes adapt to the women).

Beatrice Otter

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