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Matthew George matt.msg at gmail.com
Mon Nov 2 18:46:03 GMT 2020

On Mon, Nov 2, 2020 at 1:27 PM Sylvia McIvers <sylviamcivers at gmail.com>

> You know why women buy crap clothes? THERE ISN'T ANYTHING ELSE.

Don't be ridiculous.  Any minority of buyers might have preferences they
cannot find in the market, but the majority almost always gets what it

Since women's clothing is so awful, we can conclude that women are
certainly willing to purchase and wear awful clothing.  Very likely the
majority wants the available clothing to be 'awful', as you define it.

Then there are cases like African-Americans riding the bus lines in
Montgomery, Alabama halfway through the previous century - the service
could not survive without their patronage, but enough people were willing
to put up with being treated as second-class that they could be and were so
treated.  It didn't stop until they didn't put up with it any longer, and
chose to walk.  A serious hardship, one I do not underestimate - but
business crashed and the bus company eventually had to give in.

If you're willing to move to the back of the bus, metaphorically speaking,
you've become part of the problem.  Insist on clothing that is practical as
you define it.  Tell salespeople why you won't buy anything they're
offering.  Then wear men's clothing, if that's the only thing that meets
your requirements.  (Or is looking 'fashionable' one of the requirements
you're applying?)

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