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On Mon, Nov 2, 2020 at 1:30 PM Beatrice Otter via Lois-Bujold <
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> Women do not, by and large, own the fashion houses, or the fashion
> magazines. Women do not, by and large, own the companies that create any of
> the major corporations that create and market things for women. Women do
> not own the large department stores and chains from which the majority of
> American clothing is sold to the consumer. Women are a minority of the
> executives and designers and managers (and the further up the ladder you
> go, the fewer women there are). Women do not own the companies that put ads
> in fashion magazines and TV shows aimed at women. Nor do women own the
> advertising agencies who design the ads. At no step is there any desire to
> cater to what women actually want; the desire is to cater to what the men
> in charge *want* women to want, or what they think women *should* want.

And then tragically all those people went out of business because no one
would buy their product.  Meanwhile, back in reality...

The assumption that the free market will work to provide what people want
> does not work in all situations. Namely, it does not work when:
> a) nobody in the market is catering to the desires of that particular
> group of people (so they have no better options) and

Nobody is catering to the desires of the majority of women?  O reeli?

> b) the people currently making decisions are satisfied with current way
> things are running.

The majority of women aren't making decisions?  O reeli?

Or are they making decisions you don't like and don't want to acknowledge?

> If everybody in charge of the major corporations that decide what choices
> the consumer is offered thinks things are going fine and the dominant
> paradigm is great, then they have no motivation to change the way they do
> business.

If women buy junk, everyone in charge has no motivation to change.  So why
are women buying junk?

Buy men's clothing, with pockets galore.  It has everything you want except
fashion appeal.

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