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This discussion makes me think of the cartoon with a woman saying "Does 
this make me look fat?"

Pockets make you look fat!!


Beatrice Otter:

First, I find that society in general exaggerates how much time the average woman spends thinking about whether she looks fat, and also how high that ranks in her selection of clothing.

Second, whether or not pockets make you look fat depends a GREAT DEAL on the style of the garment and where the pockets are. For example, if the skirt is fairly full, even large pockets disappear into the material of the skirt, and the fullness of the skirt makes the waist look slightly narrower in comparison. So not only do the pockets not make you look fat, they make you look slimmer! If the designer cares about what women want and practical ways of achieving it, there are numerous ways to balance form and function so that you have a pleasing aesthetic that is nevertheless wearable. If, however, the designer only cares about their #aesthetic and any practical concerns have to bow to the needs of the designer's "vision," then, well, pockets are usually the first thing sacrificed.

Beatrice Otter

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