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> ...  And in the Regency era as this pendulum swing was gaining momentum, one of the things men were really worried about was women having pockets. Imagine! If a woman has a pocket under large skirts, she could be hiding *anything* in it! Letters from a lover! Jewelry and money to allow her to run away! Unsuitable books or pamphlets! Shock, horror, imagine the depravity she could get up to if she has a place to keep things private! Whereas with the narrower, lighter skirts and small reticule held out in view instead of under other garments, a woman can not only *carry* far less, she can *conceal* far less.

Poem by Irish poet Sharon Owens

Someone clever once said
Women were not allowed pockets
In case they carried leaflets
To spread sedition
Which means unrest
To you & me
A grandiose word
For commonsense
So ladies, start sewing
Dangerous coats
Made of pockets & sedition


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