[LMB] It's /T/I/X/I/E/ Lois's Birthday Time!!!!!

James M. BRYANT G4CLF james at jbryant.eu
Wed Nov 4 14:15:28 GMT 2020

Richard suggests that we can chip in to
buy her more carbon paper and white-out.....

Or parchment, oak galls and goose quills,
and a sharp knife.

In case you haven't noticed, guys, this
is the 21st Century and word processing
software is commonplace.

Why don't we take her to a restaurant
that does a salad of fresh spinach,
mangoes and onions, and candied pecans?

It doesn't have to be on Komarr - there's
one in the Twin Cities.

Rain check until the pandemic is over
and then we'll party.


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