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>> On 11/4/20 9:12 AM, WalterStuartBushell wrote:
>>> Put the soletta at one of the Trojan points, I think the location was left purposely vague.
>> It isn't quite that simple because the soletta has to be huge if it is to reflect a useful amount of light. For example, to double Komarr's light it needs to have a radius equal to Komarr itself.
> The Lagrange solution assumes that the 3rd object has negligible mass compared to the other 2 (and the mass ratio of the other 2 is about 1 to 25 or so). However, it would need an apparent diameter equal to that of Komarr’s sun (the closer it is the smaller it actually is) to double Komarr’s light. That suggests a mega-structure of non-negligible mass if is at a Trojan point (either Komarr-moon, or especially, sun-Komarr).

compared to lightsail even a HUGE lightsail is going to have negligible 

>> Which means that solar wind and photon pressure will have significant effects on it. The Soletta cannot just orbit. It has to be actively piloted as a light sail.

exactly - an alternative design (perhaps technically more resilent) 
would be a flock of smaller lightsails swarming around the l-point

one of the advantages of L2 is that you can put the soletta(s) slightly 
closer to komarr than the L-point, counteracting the gravity of Komarr 
with lightpressure on the soleatta



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