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_Glory Road_.


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>Remember the Heinlein story (whose name escapes me at the moment) where the
>Hero Oscar encounters a small pack that can be unfolded, and unfolded,
>again and again? what if pockets could incorporate some similar
>technology... no matter what we stuff in it, there's always room for more.
>Which might lead to an organizational issue.  then we'd need some kind of
>DB to keep track of it all.
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>>  Howard Brazee <howard at brazee.net> wrote:
>>  > I wonder if there could be a technology that could help clothing not
>>  > distort with heavy stuff in the pockets.
>>  Short of "bag of holding"-style transdimensional tech?  All that I can
>>  think of would be for the clothing to be kind of an extra-large shell,
>>  with space inside it for all of the stuff in addition to the person.
>>  I suppose you wouldn't need to go that far if all you need is to handle
>>  small-but-heavy stuff without warping the shape; that could be done with
>>  proper structural support.
>>  Joel
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