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> The return of the cut purse.

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Re external pockets/purses and the return of the cutpurse: William makes a
good point, but there's a counter. I have seen both women's shoulder bags
and belt packs with flexible wire -- guitar strings are ideally pre-adapted
-- worked into the leather strap.

Beatrice Otter:
This also depends on their being something worth stealing in the purse in question. Pickpocketing today is a dying craft--the only people trying to make a living at it in the US any longer are those who are already middle-aged and can't find another way of making a living. The reason? Everybody uses cards, so few people are carrying large amounts of cash, and if you get a wallet full of cards and make a major withdrawal they know where you made the withdrawal ... and probably have your image on file, since so many ATMs have cameras. The risk isn't worth it for the reward, so there is very little incentive to learn how to do it.

You might have other items of value in the purse, of course, such as a cell phone ... but fencing items is always more labor intensive and risky than just spending the cash.

Beatrice Otter

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