[LMB] Mr. Prof Lord Auditor Vorthy's suit and fashion wrote:

Ron Conescu ronconescu at gmail.com
Sat Nov 7 19:53:00 GMT 2020

Howard Brazee wrote:

> Weapons are valuable, but smart weapons will have the same vulnerability
> to thieves as we are getting with smart phones, and even smart cars!

Anyone read _Robopocalypse_, by Daniel Wilson?  Slightly post-modern, with
helper robots in various places in society, but smart cars and whatnot have
become pervasive. And hackable. Especially when an AI goes rogue. Chaos
ensues. The book is told in retrospect, about the story of how humans and
robots teamed up to win that war, read from the archive kept by the rogue
AI itself. A lot of delightfully innovative ideas in there, some
unfortunately quite reasonable.

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