[LMB] OT: Conversation Therapy

WILLIAM A WENRICH wawenri at msn.com
Thu Nov 12 14:11:49 GMT 2020

There was a brouhaha recently when a public figure used the term “sexual preference” instead of “sexual orientation.” In the course of this conflict, people seemed to be saying that any effort to help people control their sexual actions (as opposed to desires) was conversion therapy. Every thing I’ve heard about actual conversion therapy makes me think that:
It doesn’t work and
It is a cruel form of torture.
Maybe Betan therapy could control sexual feelings but we can’t.
Now I’m two years out of warranty and still have sexual feelings that I control. I very much want anyone with sexual feelings toward my granddaughters or Gayle to control them. There is a difference between feelings and actions.
Do I have the wrong idea or were the pundits just not expressing themselves correctly? I’ll likely get in trouble from this, but I’m asking.

Christian, husband, father, granddaddy, son, American. Here I stand. I can do no other. God help me.
William A Wenrich

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