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Canadian author Alison Wearing wrote a fascinating memoir about her 
father's coming out as gay in his 40s, in a small Ontario town in the 
1970s. _Confessions of A Fairy's Daughter: Growing up With A Gay Dad_, 
deals with some of the issues Louann mentions.

Her dad also shows up in her more recent memoir, _Moments of Glad Grace_, 
which I finished a few weeks ago -- although in this case the story is 
about her father's quest to find out more about his distant ancestors in 
Ireland, and the mixed appeal of geneological research, and what traits we 
actually inherit from our ancestors. I enjoyed it.


On Thu, 12 Nov 2020, Louann Miller wrote:
> 'Sexual preference' has come to be associated with the idea that gay
> people,  etc have chosen who they are attracted to. With heavy connotations
> of "an immoral, sinful choice" often following almost immediately.
> Choosing what impulses you act on, as opposed to what impulses you feel, is
> necessary for any adult. But there's a difference between "I see that
> approaching this potential partner would be wrong, for specific reasons"
> and "I must play a role every waking moment, never show any hint of my
> desires and feelings. I must accept that I can never, ever have an honest
> relationship. As much as possible, I must lie even to myself." The latter
> has been expected of gays etc through most of our culture's history, and
> many places still is. That way lies madness, often literally.

Alayne McGregor
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