[LMB] TIXIE time!!!

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OOOPS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  I conflated lines in the Excel spread sheet of 
birthdays. Sorry about that. ;-(


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>I must say that I have been previously unaware of the existence of my
>identical twin brother Bill, though I'm sure that his personal audience
>with Gregor was uneventful.
>Tony Z
>On Fri, November 6, 2020 6:44 pm, Harvey Fishman wrote:
>>  Today is the fifty-second birthday of Bill Zbaraschuk. For you we have
>>  arranged an escorted trip to The South Continent with its endless skies and
>>  wide open country. Accompanying you as a guide will be Ekaterine showing
>>  you the lands of her youth. You will bring a vast picnic basket prepared
>>  and stocked by Ma Kosti and Ekaterine herself is no mean cook. You will be
>>  accompanied by a suitable number of Armsmen from Miles's personal
>>  contingent to guard your (and Ekaterine's, of course) safety. When you
>>  return, you will have a personal audience with Emperor Gregor. Then you
>>  will be flown back to Earth on a Barrayaran battleship. Enjoy your
>>  journey.
>>  --
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