[LMB] OT: Governor’s Orders

Louann Miller domelouann at gmail.com
Sat Nov 14 19:31:06 GMT 2020

Are you sure you've got that right, William? What state are you in?

As good a time as any to mention our local news, I guess. Two weeks ago we
sent my daughter back to school in person under mask protocols. It's the
only place she's really been. Wednesday she felt kind of scratchy-throated,
Thursday she was visibly ill. The pediatrician swabbed her throat. She
tested positive for both strep and covid. So, that's all of *us* staying
home for two weeks. No in person Thanksgiving. We're treating the strep,
which I suspect is what's making her actually feel bad at the moment. The
rest of us are a little achy and quick to tire, but hopefully that's as far
as things will go. We have good overall health, good health insurance, and
the beloved husband has a work from home job. We have tons of food on hand
for just such an emergency. I'm optimistic.

On Sat, Nov 14, 2020 at 1:03 PM WILLIAM A WENRICH <wawenri at msn.com> wrote:

> Our governor has decreed that we wear masks at all times even in our own
> homes. I find it too kinky to wear a mask to bed with Gayle.
> Christian, husband, father, granddaddy, son, American. Here I stand. I can
> do no other. God help me.
> William A Wenrich
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