[LMB] OT: Governor’s Orders

Joel Polowin jpolowin at hotmail.com
Sun Nov 15 19:38:38 GMT 2020

Damien Sullivan <phoenix at mindstalk.net> wrote:
> No, it's not true.  The "not able to plant tomatoes" never happened.
> You are spreading lies, William.  Politically motivated lies:
> https://www.politifact.com/factchecks/2020/apr/15/facebook-posts/covid-order-doesnt-ban-gardening-or-sale-seeds-and/
> And I'm fairly sure you were corrected on this before.

Yes, he was.

I recently saw a clip in which an interviewer went to a town to ask
the people there why they wouldn't wear masks.  One response: "You're a
Democrat, aren't you."  That kind of sums up the problem.

>> The death rate per million numbers are all over the place. Unlike
>> what I hear on the news, the US is not worse than anywhere else. Neither
>> is Sweden.

William, why do you trust such stuff over what you hear in the news?
We have shown you time and again that your sources are giving you
MISINFORMATION.  It's easy for you to look things up for yourself on
websites from all over the world, if you don't trust what American
sources are telling you.

> https://www.worldometers.info/coronavirus/
> The US is 11th highest in the world, out of nearly 200 countries, in deaths per
> capita.  Sweden is 20th.  You can look at the numbers yourself.  They
> are, in fact, worse than most of the world -- worse than around 170
> countries in the case of the US.  And it's not like the difference are
> trivial: the USA is 757 deaths per million, Sweden is 609, Canda -- #44
> -- is 288.  Australia is 35 deaths per million.

The campaign-rally claim that "you'll stop hearing about the COVID stuff
right after election day" could only fly with people who think that the
world ends at the U.S. border.  Except perhaps in the dystopian case of
taking over all sources of communication and filtering out such news...


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