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On Nov 16, 2020, at 4:18 AM, Gwynne Powell <gwynnepowell at hotmail.com> wrote:
> After this year I have a different view of a lot of books and movies.
> There'll be some story about, frex, aliens landing, and then a few years later they're
> integrating into our society. Now I understand that society can change, massively and
> probably permanently, in a very short time. So many books about dystopian societies -
> now I know that people will adjust extremely fast, much more than I had believed possible.

Gwynne, Anmar, Howard, Louann, and Charles Dickens:

You all speak truth about humans. I hate that it can be considered that I am living in a genre I refuse to read (along with post-apocalyptics).

Much seems to depend on how we define our Us and Them. I aim for the model in John Donne’s Meditation XVII, but many make judgments even with that “no [one] is an island, entire unto [oneself]”—and I number among them, though sometimes I wish otherwise.

I miss physical contact with friends most of all, more than eating inside even a neighborhood restaurant.

You may recall that my mother was the daughter of Lebanese immigrants. I’m usually happy to meet other ME folx, esp. immigrants. There’s such a woman in the cosmetics/personal care department at my CVS [who will be involved in performing vaccinations when the general population is able to get them] who is not more than 10 yrs younger than me, and we had always met each other with a hug.

I had a blindingly silly idea the other day while organizing my friend’s library. They had a major renovation/expansion and her books were never well-organized. She did her job while I pulled books etc out and made piles.

Before we left to get me home, I though of the chorus to “Zombie Jamboree”,
      [which I had no idea was originally Jumbie
      Jamberee, nor that Louis Farrakhan had 
      actually been a recorded singer

“Back to back and belly to belly”.
So we shimmied our back-to-back.

The CVS lady, whose name I must get & write down, thought it was much better and more fun than an elbow bump. So that’s how we greet each other now.

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