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Thu Nov 19 05:45:58 GMT 2020

This sort of shenanigans, along with their habit of p*ssing all over
others' stories when they get their greedy mitts on them, is why I am Not
Fond of Disney.

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> The big news in the SF/F world today is that Disney apparently believes
> that when they purchase stuff they don't have to pay the creator. Alan Dean
> Foster has (still in print, still selling) books in both the Star Wars and
> Alien franchises, which Disney has bought in the last few years, and
> they're not paying him any royalties, and they're not responding to his
> agent's queries, and they're not responding to his lawyers, and they're not
> responding to the SFWA. And they are maintaining that when they purchased
> those franchises they purchased the right to sell any work belonging to
> those franchises without having to pay royalties on it. Which is absolutely
> absurd.
> This has been going on for over a year, and Disney isn't responding (wait,
> I forgot, they DID respond, but only to say that the wouldn't talk without
> a signed NDA before anything was said--not an NDA after the fact, which
> would be normal, but an NDA as a condition of *any* discussion whatsoever
> so that even if that "discussion" consisted of reiterating their current
> position, Alan would be barred from talking about it in public). Given
> Disney's intransigence, Foster and his agent and the SFWA held a press
> conference laying out what's happened so far and asking anybody else having
> problems with Disney to contact the SFWA. This includes anybody who isn't
> sure whether or not they're having this problem with Disney, since in
> Foster's case it took a sharp eye on his royalty statements and then months
> of sleuthing on the part of his agent to figure out what was going on.
> Here's the statement on it:
> https://www.sfwa.org/2020/11/18/disney-must-pay/
> I'm boggled. Absolutely boggled.
> Beatrice Otter
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