[LMB] Money, Sharing Knife

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>  At its core, money is a way of
>  > trading goods and assets, not wealth in itself.
> A deferred half-trade, to be precise.  ...the redemption of the marker
> today for new stuff. The marker may be somebody else's I.O.U.
> And, "stuff" may be other than physical stuff. Berry's music
> is offered up (as a public, non-severable, good) and
> some listeners toss her coins. The Lakewalker patrols
> are public goods -- everyone, Lakewalker and Farmer alike,
> benefits whether or not Inn Keepers or blacksmiths chip in

Well, if you're looking for a 'deferred trade' or deferred value in TSK, 2
things must be mentioned:
The farmers write out the /share value/ of the bride who is leaving home,
if she doesn't take it with her in movable goods.    Don't remember the
exact term.

Lakewalkers write out the camp goods very very carefully, so that
everyone can benefit from everyone else's surplus... and everyone gets back
their own property, or equal value, eventually.

How that connects with money vs currency, I leave for others to explain.


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