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Fri Nov 20 03:16:24 GMT 2020

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Does anyone know som good fanfic about Duv?

Sylvia - I'm bored and there's nothing to reeeeeead

Beatrice Otter:
May I recommend going to the Duv Galni tag on AO3 and sorting for most kudos? That's what I do when I have a yen for fanfic about a particular character. Here's the Duv Galeni tag sorted by kudos: https://archiveofourown.org/works?utf8=%E2%9C%93&commit=Sort+and+Filter&work_search%5Bsort_column%5D=kudos_count&work_search%5Bother_tag_names%5D=&work_search%5Bexcluded_tag_names%5D=&work_search%5Bcrossover%5D=&work_search%5Bcomplete%5D=&work_search%5Bwords_from%5D=&work_search%5Bwords_to%5D=&work_search%5Bdate_from%5D=&work_search%5Bdate_to%5D=&work_search%5Bquery%5D=&work_search%5Blanguage_id%5D=&tag_id=Duv+Galeni

Happy reading!

Beatrice Otter

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