[LMB] Dendarii Grays

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Fri Nov 20 15:54:26 GMT 2020

Lois was inspired (as always, but this time)  to:

 >... answer a question that went by upstream somewhere,

So, while you are so inspired, I re-ask a similar
question that ALSO went by upstream a little bit ago.

Pockets in the Grays?

Speaking only for myself, now, I suspect "pockets" represent
a level of wealth many cultures have never attained.  The
whole intuition is founded on the notion that cloth (and /
or an extra button) is cheap enough to add layers of extra
into a garment. And that the user owns enough little stuff to
be carried around, apart from a tool kit. That such stuff is
generally useful even though little (so, following up
on the money thoughts -- those Polynesian cultures that
used giant stone coins bigger than a canoe as money-- no
pocket change there.) (Instances of generally useful little
stuff: snuff boxes, snacks, watches, pen knives, keys, drop
spindles, sewing notions, combs...)

A strip of dried plunkin. When you finally get hungry enough
the dirty lint covered leathery vegetable rind starts to
look appetizing, you'll be glad to have had a pocket to have
kept it in. And that starts me down a trail of thought that
requires me to re-think the general impression I have
formed, previously, about Lakewalker poverty...

Anyhow:  Dendarii pockets?

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