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Damien Sullivan phoenix at mindstalk.net
Fri Nov 20 23:47:10 GMT 2020

On Fri, Nov 20, 2020 at 12:02:55PM -0600, Tony Zbaraschuk wrote:

> I'm fairly sure that the Arisians would never make a Lens for Mark or
> Miles Vorkosigan.  (Lord Auditor Vorthys, on the other hand, would

Lensmen are supposed to be incorruptible, as judged by a nearly
omniscient judge.  Miles has fallen (Memory).  I think Mark has too: if
not stealing the Dendarii (arguably a clever use of resources) then his
near-sex with someone he knew was a 10yo clone.

> And where would the Boskonians start their infiltration into the wormhole
> network, hmmm?  (No, not Cetaganda -- that's too easy.  Cetagandans would
> be on the side of Civilization.  Nor Jackson's Whole -- too messy for the
> Eddorians.)

JW is basically Boskonian as it is.  Just needs a strong hand to put it in
order.  Totally up the Boskone alley.  Cetaganda's ruthless hierarchy is
pretty Boskonian too; it may be 'easy' but it works.  May be trickier to
suborn without using telepathic mind control -- you can't just drop in
some strongman like on JW -- but hey, Boskone *has* mind control.

Eddorians are immortal third level mentalities.  Very little is "too
messy" for them.

Athos's gender hangups might make it attractive to an asexual Eddorian
as well.  Plus the whole telepathy gene business. True, some industrial
uplift and militarization would be needed, but that's not a problem.  And
hardly anyone visits Athos, so you can work on it without alarming the
other natives.

Crossover comedy: an Athosian and a Lyranian having to work together on
pain of execution.

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