[LMB] OT: Arecibo

Pouncer pouncer at aol.com
Sun Nov 22 17:54:48 GMT 2020

Howard advises:

 >One of the functions Arecibo excels in is tracking asteroids
 >well enough to warn us of possible dangers to us.

Oh.  I had been under the impression that OPTICAL telescopes
were somehow better at picking out dead ice and rocks in
local environments, while RADIO-telescopes like Arecibo were
more stellar ... so to speak.  Okay. Asteroid impacts
rate more highly on my list of catastrophes to worry about
than -- another topic getting a LOT more publicity and
funding.  I'd be happy to divert whatever of my current taxes
goes now to the stupid project toward what I think of as
as a smarter and wiser project of the Arecibo sort.

In any case there is churn in the moon race once again, mostly
for political prestige.  It'd be nice if some sort of halfway
practical mission was defined and attached to the puffery.
Working in the shade would be a nice change for many

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