[LMB] OT: Arecibo

Markus Baur baur at chello.at
Mon Nov 23 15:29:06 GMT 2020

let us take the arecibo design as plubeprint and look where we can 
reduce mass

the dish itself can be made from very lightweight aluminized foil (it 
does not have to deal with wind and rain) - this also means that the 
anchor cables for the dish can be made a lot thinner.

we also might not make the cables (both for the dish and the gondola) 
from aluminium or steel - modern synthetics like Spectra offer a much 
better weight / strength ratio

the receiver gondola suspended over the dish also does not have to deal 
with weather ..

so i would not be surprised if it could be built with only 1/10 of the 
mass of the original

total weight of the arecibo observatory seems to be around 1500 tons .. 
so a lunar arecibo would be around 150 tons

and that is not completely out of bounds, if SpaceX gets the lunar 
version of the Starship to work (estimated paylaod to lunar surface 
aruond 40 tons .. 4 flights .. getting the resto of the necessary 
infrastructure (quarters for construction and maintenance crew, 
constructrion machinery, etc. ) up might take even more paylaod than the 
telescope itself



Am 23.11.2020 um 15:10 schrieb Matthew George:
> But unless you have a way to take Moon materials and produce building 
> supplies from them, everything would have to be shipped up from 
> Earth... at the cost of how much per kilo?
> Working on smelting technology, extracting aluminum from the 
> distributed ores, using efficient solar panels to collect sunlight, 
> would be an interesting scientific and engineering challenge.  So it's 
> not going to happen, while politicians try to get someone up there to 
> plant flags and collect rocks.
> Did you know that we have no idea where most of the rocks that came 
> back from the Moon are?  We handed them out as souvenirs to political 
> dignitaries and lost track of them.
> Matt G.

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