[LMB] Luna, and Space generally (was Arecibo)

Pouncer pouncer at aol.com
Tue Nov 24 16:02:08 GMT 2020

Matt's perspective is:

 >People who talk about the romance of exploration miss the point that
 >humans cannot be the explorers in space.

Mine differs. We don't need explorers at this point.  Settlers, yes. 
Permanent residents.
People who have committed, decided to go live and DIE in (on) a new place.
Emigrants from Earth -- immigrants arriving to "new worlds" in a much 
more literal
sense than historically true. Builders on an already-identified valuable
site, not hopeful speculators wandering around looking.  So Matt and I 
agree,  differently.

Markus points out:

 > the fuel cost is only a few single digit percentages of the traditional
 >[space] launch costs - the thing that will have a huge impact on costs is

 >to make the entire launcher reusable, something that is finally being
 >worked on

Reusable and / or SALVAGEABLE.  We've been putting stuff into orbit for
decades, a lot of which is now junk. Except, it's junk in a GREAT location.
Junk like empty rocket booster tanks -- negligible fuel or reaction mass
left, but a pretty decent mass of "shell".  The original SkyLab wasn't
much more.  We have electronic widgets that have fried and solar panels
than have died -- but often on different junk.  Take two such and apply the
one to the other and you have one useful bit of stuff again; and left overs
for some other purpose. And already at/on/near the valuable location.

I think Leo Graf would have some ideas and abilities on such an 

As would Mark Watney from other fiction entirely.

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