[LMB] Citizenship?

Gwynne Powell gwynnepowell at hotmail.com
Wed Dec 1 03:41:04 GMT 2021

I was answering Edith's excellent post on citizenship and
subject-hood on Barrayar, and the question of Komarr came
up - with its different on-planet legal system.

But what about Sergyar? They started from scratch, so at first
I assumed they'd just follow Barrayaran systems.

But Barryar has Counts, and Districts. Does Sergyar function as
a de facto District? I think it's mentioned that Sergyar is owned
by the Emperor, so is it an extension of Vorbarra District?

Or has Cordelia had to set up a totally different form of
government (three different legal codes for a three-planet empire?
Lawyers would NEVER be out of work on Barrayar.)

And to make it even more fun, a lot of the settlers followed Aral
from Vorkosigan District, so they had loyalty to him. Do they retain
their Vorkosigan loyalties? Do they now 'belong' to Miles? Or are
they direct subjects of Gregor, or of the Viceroy of Sergyar?

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