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When Gwynne said, she thought Andre was a women's name I was amused because
Andre Norton's real name was Mary Alice Norton and she chose Andre Norton
as her nom de plume because at that time women science fiction writers were
unheard off and not taken seriously at that time. Andre is the French and
Portuguese form of the name Andrew which is or was considered masculine.

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> >> There do seem to be many people who don't realize that Lois is a name by
> >> itself, and not a misspelling or mis pronunciation of "Louis", and is to
> >> boot a feminine name....
> >
> >When I was a kid, I wondered about Lois Lane?s name.   But when I was a
> kid I thought ?Andre? was a girl?s name, as the only Andre I ever came
> about was Andre Norton.
> >
> >Gwynne: My parents chose 'Gwynne' for me because it was pretty, and
> >a nod to Dad's Welsh heritage.
> >You know how you do that thing where you Google your name? Yeah.
> >That's when I found out that Gwynne definitely is a Welsh name. For men.
> >
> >I have seen it around here and there, lately, with a few female authors
> >using it. But it's not common. And ... bloke name. My identity is
> conflicted.
> Gwynneth would be more common as a Welsh woman's name, and Gwyn would be
> more common as the masculine variant.
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