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And wasn't it a ski lodge in the movie, not just a hotel?

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> The problem with getting information from the internet is not so much that
> some sites have particular worldview but that anyone can claim to be an
> expert on something they know nothing about.
> I ranted before about the "100 Best Science Fiction Books" and "10 Best
> Science Fiction Series" that didn't mention Lois. Today I'll take on a
> movie expert who doesn't even do minimal research let alone actually watch
> the movie.
> Recently I watched "White Christmas" with my grandmother. I remembered
> that the song was also in a movie called "Holiday Hotel" and I used
> googlefu to try to find the differences in the two movies. One sentence
> from the article said, "they wanted to help their old Sargent who had a
> hotel in Connecticut that was failing." The hotel was in Vermont and was in
> trouble due to lack of snow. He didn't even look at a list of songs to see
> "What Can You Do with a General."
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