[LMB] OT: Internet Info?

Matija Grabnar lmb at matija.com
Wed Dec 1 20:40:46 GMT 2021

On 01/12/2021 19:59, WILLIAM A WENRICH wrote:
> The problem with getting information from the internet is not so much that some sites have particular worldview but that anyone can claim to be an expert on something they know nothing about.
> I ranted before about the "100 Best Science Fiction Books" and "10 Best Science Fiction Series" that didn't mention Lois. Today I'll take on a movie expert who doesn't even do minimal research let alone actually watch the movie.
> Recently I watched "White Christmas" with my grandmother. I remembered that the song was also in a movie called "Holiday Hotel" and I used googlefu to try to find the differences in the two movies. One sentence from the article said, "they wanted to help their old Sargent who had a hotel in Connecticut that was failing." The hotel was in Vermont and was in trouble due to lack of snow. He didn't even look at a list of songs to see "What Can You Do with a General."
I agree. A lot of websites these days are "click farms" which produce 
low-effort articles. As long as the headline makes you click on the 
article, they get to show you the ads on the page, and they won. If you 
then click away in disgust, they don't care (but they still stuff the 
page with links to as many of their other articles as possible - just on 
the off-chance one of them will intrigue you enough).

Because the articles are low-effort, the writers get terrible rates for 
them and have to produce a high number of them to get enough money to 
live on. So the quality is really low.

The only cure I know is stick to websites that have not fallen to this 
level, and think twice before clicking on an intriguing title link (it's 
easy to fall for them, they are not called click-bait for nothing). For 
movie descriptions, I use imdb.com, and sometimes wikipedia.

Is it possible you were looking for the movie "Holiday Inn", not Holiday 
Hotel? I'm a big fan of Bing Crosby (more as a singer than as an actor), 
but I don't think he made Holiday Hotel.

He did make another movie called "White Christmas" (1954), some 12 years 
after Holiday Inn (1942).

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