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> When you are looking to buy a house, be careful of the one where trees are planted directly over the line from the water main to the house.

Willows, cottonwoods, mulberries, and other hydrophilic trees LOOOVE waterlines. 

Never ever ever plant bamboo in the ground—attempts to eliminate of shoots will never end.

My personal tip:
If there is only one way out of the neighborhood you’re considering, it’s not safe in a disaster.

When I was house hunting in 1997, I was shown a place
•across a two lane road from a forested state park with lots of pines (and not enough redwoods for my taste—that was a couple of miles away)
•one road out of the development, toward said “main” road—for the listee whose name I forgot, formerly of Santa Cruz, it’s Graham Hill Rd, short of Mt Hermon.
•surrounded by drought-stressed pines which largely shut out sunlight (no sunlight is not good for Marinas)
•cedar shake roofs on every house
•large amounts of dead pine needles everywhere including roofs

and it was a damned ugly interior with a horrid kitchen!

My realtor didn’t understand, aside from dingy paint colors and generally ugly, why it was unacceptable. I pointed out the reasons listed above.

Saw too many canyon wildfires reported while living in LA county—including one that hit an exclusive fates community tucked into a nice cozy canton whose walls were covered with dry grass and chaparral most of the year.

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