[LMB] Happy Birthday to Marna (Dec. 2)

M. Haller Yamada thefabmadamem at yahoo.com
Thu Dec 2 09:32:34 GMT 2021

Oh, Marna, the Birthday Tixie comes rushing in, all full of apologies and excuses . . . and one simple gift. 

The Tixie thought simple little gifts to greet the Winterfair season would be appropriate. So, here is a little brass lamp from a temple stall in Brajar. The light can be easily replaced with LED or whatever you need in a light -- I've restocked the shed behind the Mailing List with anything you could need. From which god? Well, light the tiny lamp and find out -- it will glow with your favorite color or the favorite color of your favorite god. 

Hoping you had many happy returns of the day yesterday!

The Birthday Tixie for December

(If any of you have simple little tiny gift ideas, feel free to add to the list. And December listees who have asked for birthday greetings, if there is anything you should NOT be given that's simple, well, email me, or we can discuss it on the list.)

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