[LMB] Citizenship? - Oaths and Arde

Matija Grabnar lmb at matija.com
Fri Dec 3 06:51:34 GMT 2021

On 03/12/2021 04:32, Howard Brazee wrote:
> Passport citizenship is dependent upon the land people are born in.   But Barrayar’s loyalty is to the lords.

Not always. US, and other immigrant built countries grant citizenship to 
anyone born there, but that was not always/everywhere the norm. I 
remember reading that in Germany children of guest workers could not get 

I just checked, and it says that in Germany, for a child to gain 
citizenship, one of the parents has to be a German citizen, or a legal 
resident of Germany for eight years or more. I think the "legal 
resident" part is new, I seem to recall that it used to be just "one of 
the parents was a citizen".

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