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>> In a more extreme case, I can see a situation where accepting citizenship in another >> country might be considered treason by the original country (in cases of war, etc).
> That is the case with the United States, is it not?
Perhaps in time of war. No idea whether "Tokyo Rose" ever swore to Hirohito, or whether Ezra Pound ever swore to Umberto II. Theywere certainly considered for treason charges, although Pound was committed to an insane asylum instead.
In my own case, I was considered to have implicitly renounced US citizenship in 1974 when I swore to Elizabeth II, Queen of Canada, although that was not considered treasonous, the two jurisdictions not having been at war since 1815; the US Supreme Court has since decided otherwise, and I could be a dual citizen if I wished to be. (De gustibus non disputandem est.)

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