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My husband and kids are also dual citizens (their UK citizenship derives
from his.)


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> > In my own case, I was considered to have implicitly renounced US
> citizenship in 1974 when I swore to Elizabeth II, Queen of Canada, although
> that was not considered treasonous, the two jurisdictions not having been
> at war since 1815; the US Supreme Court has since decided otherwise, and I
> could be a dual citizen if I wished to be. (De gustibus non disputandem
> est.)
> In the case of British and US citizenship, my understanding is that as
> long as you don’t explicitly renounce either of them, both countries are
> more or less willing to look the other way.  At least, the US would not
> look kindly on anyone voting or serving in the armed forces in the UK, but
> the UK doesn’t seem to mind.  My husband and children are dual citizens
> (though it’s a bummer that their UK passports are no longer valid
> throughout the EU).
> Katherine
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