[LMB] Citizenship? - Dual citizenship and Miles' Betan Passport

Edith khoreutees at yahoo.com
Sat Dec 4 17:33:36 GMT 2021

> Gwynne asked: Can Barrayaran law allow dual citizenship? Surely if you
> take oath to your Emperor, you renounce other loyalties?
> Edith: My instinctive feeling would be that Barrayaran law is unlikely to allow
> dual citizenship. But that is where Miles' Betan passport is a problem.
> It suggests that he has Betan citizenship and so dual citizenship.
> Gwynne: I had the impression that Miles's Betan passport was due to
> security concerns; he more or less travelled incognito.
Edith again: I was thinking that Miles would have acquired Betan 
citizenship and so a passport by a normal route, and that security would 
only come into play in terms of deciding which passport to use. Are you 
imagining that there was some kind of special dispensation or process 
that enabled him to get the passport? I hadn't thought about that as a 
possibility, but I suppose it could be.

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