[LMB] Citizenship? - Oaths and Arde

Edith khoreutees at yahoo.com
Sat Dec 4 18:20:47 GMT 2021

>> Edith: Looking at the Robert Schuman Centre's Global Citizenship Law 
>> Database (https://globalcit.eu/modes-loss-citizenship and 
>> https://globalcit.eu/modes-acquisition-citizenship) which as far as I 
>> know is the best source of comparative data on this and covers 190 
>> countries,
> Matija: Wow! That is a great resource! I looked up Slovenia and 
> learned stuff I had no idea about.
> Thank you very much!
Edith: You're welcome! I'm always happy to point people at interesting 
resources. (Quite apart from getting excited at having an excuse to talk 
about citizenship law, which I find fascinating, as you may have noticed 

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