[LMB] OT: Kitties! And glad to be back!

M. Haller Yamada thefabmadamem at yahoo.com
Sun Dec 5 05:25:38 GMT 2021

LOL, Marc, not sure if it's just the beginning of the cycle or what. I assume we started off with one pregnant cat, possibly dumped (and a few others who were around). That little family went to four, and then Mama and the two girl kittens had a total of nine in the spring (13 in the family), and then we got our rears in gear about the Proper Responsibilities of Pet Owners. 

They were supposed to be barn cats, but Auntie next door took them in during the winter, and then another kitty got dumped at our place in Febrary, and . . . . OK, I shall just be sappy and say the LOVE is exponential, even if the kitty population is not. 

Gwynne, I do feel so lucky! And a little roped in for the next 20 years. There's no way we can move without considering the cats, and even taking a vacation is going to need a cat sitter. But they are such sweeties! Most of them clones of the Mama, with several (five? six?) black cats in the mix. If you ask for a link to my YouTube channel with short (mostly under 90 seconds) kitten videos, I will have motivation to update the damn thing, LOL. 

Thanks for the warm welcome back, LouAnn, Jerrie and Helen! I hope I can contribute and be a regular again. I suspect creeping writer's block. It was OK when I couldn't write stories, but I went through about two months when I couldn't even write emails. I don't know what's wrong. I'm being treated for depression, even though I'm quite cheerful and content (see: 14 cats in the house). 

It's fun to see the citizenship thread! I wish I could contribute, but the dual citizenship laws in Japan are . . . probably quite Barrayaran. More about that in reply to a passport thread. 



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