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>> Further tip: Be wary of houses where the ground slopes away from the road
>> toward the house.  Very interesting things happen in heavy rainstorms.
> My father was a civil engineer, and I spent much of my childhood weekends touring construction and new house sites. When my husband and I were househunting I remember our realtor commenting that the things I paid attention to were not what most women looked at.

Huzzah for you!

Being on the edge of plate boundaries most of my life, when buying, my question was to which tectonic aftermath are the codes for this place built or retrofitted?

When the owners of the rented “stairs with a scenic view” house in SCruz Co. wanted to sell, the woman of one couple who came through before we left was a soils scientist and asked what had happened during & after Loma Prieta. The house had only cosmetic damage, none of the huge panes of windows developed cracks, the contents of the too-deep unlockable cabinets march off the shelves onto the floor, and any other damage wasn’t property. She went out to crawl under the exposed parts of the house to check (for subsidence?).

I was all admiration of her!f

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