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>> Further tip: Be wary of houses where the ground slopes away from the road
>> toward the house.  Very interesting things happen in heavy rainstorms.
> Aka river in the driveway, lake in the garage.

Being aware of that, flat or not, putting boxes in the garage to unpack or store:
pallets covered with tarp or trash bags laid out before anything is put down! My dh & FiL didn’t listen: they put the bags UNDER the pallets. We moved in the winter of an El Niño year! The next year, ‘98/99, we had to install a sump pump in the backyard, because the sliding glass doors for our bedroom weren’t even 5” above the flooding patio! French drain—under a “dry creekbed” of large river rocks—to the curb. To protect the foundation in the front under the downspout with no cache basin, a wider winding “dry creekbed”  went from the downspout to the curb, or at least at the curb where the lavender row was. In case the city decided to put in sidewalk, nothing crucial would be destroyed.

In much of California, storm drains don’t exist, because eejit planners believed “it never rains here”. In eastern LA Co., and east, where the east/west freeway crosses an alluvial plain, underpasses flooded spectacularly in heavy storms—with roaring creeks on each side of the street. Made bicycle rides quite the challenge!

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