[LMB] Happy Birthday from the Tixie

J Woodruff profjenn12 at gmail.com
Sun Dec 5 16:27:11 GMT 2021

Thank you! It was a milestone birthday, well suited to a (tiny) celebratory


*"der Platz einer Frau ist in ihrer Firma""The problem with the speed of
light is it comes so early in the morning." (Albert Einstein)*
*"Historiography has then three functions: to entertain our imagination, to
gratify our curiosity, and to discharge a debt we owe our ancestors." (C.S.
Lewis)"If all we have to offer back to the God of the cosmos is Precious
Moments, we're in trouble." (Barbara Nicolosi)*
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Perhaps even the most important part. A portion of wisdom lies in knowing
that. A portion of courage lies in going on anyway.” (Robert Jordan)"The
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> Today is Jennifer Woodruff's birthday, and I hope she's enjoying it!
> Today's simple gift is from Earth! Well, via Komarr in a tiny shops in the
> docks area called "Earth Bizarre." It's a little keychain with a tiny lava
> lamp that glows in all the colors of the rainbow, or you can set it to your
> favorite color. You just need a couple of sewing pins to hold down Button A
> on the bottom, and enter the frequency of light you desire on the teeny,
> tiny keypad. (Do you need a lupe? I put a great lighted lupe in the List
> Salon, just in care you need one.)
> Hope your birthday was full of good cheer and best wishes!
> The Birthday Tixie.
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