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I was born in Bad Hamburg, Germany. I'm a naturalized American citizen
because my dad was a courier for the State Department. But I have a German
birth certificate so, theoretically,  I could use that birth certificate to
get a European Union passport. I've never been tempted though.

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> On 04/12/2021 04:13, alayne at twobikes.ottawa.on.ca wrote:
> >
> > One considerable drawback to dual nationality is that one could be
> > conscripted in both countries, and subject to extraterritorial
> > measures by a country in which one has citizenship. This is a problem
> > if one of your nationalities is Iranian, or Chinese, etc.
> >
> Depends on the countries, I believe. For example, there is a European
> Convention on Nationality that explicitly provides that a citizen of two
> or more signatory states only has to do military service in one of them.
> There may be other bilateral agreements that make similar rules. And, of
> course, in some countries you can age out of the obligation if you
> contrive to be out of the country long enough.
> In Switzerland (or at least in Geneva) they joke that the dual
> Swiss-French nationals always choose to the French military service
> because in most cases that means attending a single one day information
> session.
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