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 Big changes, Katrina! Mazel tov on the fresh start!
Karen A. Wyle
    On Sunday, December 5, 2021, 08:52:31 PM EST, Katrina Knight <kknight at fastmail.fm> wrote:  
 I've been here even less than usual lately but I have a good 
excuse. I'm in the process of moving from Pennsylvania to 
Kennewick, Washington. (For those not familiar with Washington 
cities, Kennewick is on the eastern side, a few hours west of 
Spokane and not terribly far above the Oregon border. It is dry 
and windy there.

This is happening because I absolutely have to move from the 
place I've lived for 26 years, which is a situation that came to 
a head while I was out in Washington last month. Then, a few 
days before I came home a friend called to say that she'd gotten 
a call from another friend who was looking for a housemate, was 
I interested? The deal is that in exchange for coming home at 
night unless I arrange otherwise in advance, giving my housemate 
rides to some of her appointments, and doing some chores that 
she can't easily do herself, I get a place to live rent-free and 
in exchange for doing the cooking, my food gets bought. Plus she 
has looms all over the house and wants to teach me how to use 
them! How in the world could I possibly turn that down? I'm 
probably going to end up being really poor for a few years until 
I build up enough local clients to bring in more money but I 
think that what I get from remote clients and things like 
filling out surveys should allow me to pay the essential 
month-to-month bills.

Moving was more of a long range plan, not something I was 
planning on doing before the end of the year. Driving across the 
country with two cats in December is going to be an interesting 
challenge. So now I am madly sorting and packing my belongings 
and trying to figure out how everything is going to get paid 
for. Fortunately I have some good friends who are helping with 
some of the expenses. The cost of moving across the country is 
scary though, and I'm not taking most of my stuff.

Katrina Knight
kknight at fastmail.fm

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