[LMB] OT: Woman's Clothes with Pockets

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I find pockets in T-shirts uncomfortable, but I always wear my T's with a shirt or jacket over them anyway, and they do have breast pockets in which glasses fit very nicely.

But then, my underpinnings tend toward a D-cup.
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>On 05/12/2021 17:09, Eric Oppen wrote:
>> All my T-shirts have a breast pocket, so I can carry around my reading
>> glasses.
>Oooh, I envy you. None of my T-shirts have breast pockets, I stick my
>glasses in the collar when I'm reading or programming (or in my shirt
>pocket if I'm wearing a dress shirt).
>When I fly, I always wear a dress shirt, so I can put my passport,
>ticket and glasses in my breast pocket.

For air travel, I have a lightweight "safari" style shirt, with two
breast pockets, and roll-up sleeves with press-stud.  Quick drying and
breathable too.

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