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It could be as simple, as long as she lives on Barrayar, she's considered a
subject and a member of the Vor class. If she visits Beta Colony then she's
considered a Baten citizen. On any other planet she could choose to be
either a Betan citizen or a Vorkosigan of Barrayar.  That would depend on
whatever passport she shows to a customs agent.

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> >> Gwynne: To add to the fun: A few years ago fifteen politicians in our
> >> Federal
> >> government had to resign because someone dug up a dusty old
> >> section of the Constitution that everyone had forgotten about, which
> >> states that you can't be elected to our parliament if you have any
> >> allegiance to a foreign power - including dual citizenship.
> >>
> > Alayne: Up here, a former leader of the Conservative Party got
> > considerable heat for having dual US-Canadian citizenship (and knowing
> > he did). People don't object to dual citizenship in general, but not
> > for someone vying to become Prime Minister
> >
> Edith: Dragging this back on topic, if I may.
> That whole question of can you hold office while being a dual citizen is
> part of why I initially said that Cordelia and Miles potentially have
> Betan citizenship was a problem (or at least interesting). I could
> imagine Barrayar having some kind of similar resistance to those with
> allegiance to a foreign power holding office. So does Cordelia have to
> renounce her Betan citizenship before becoming Vicereine of Sergayar?
> And what about Miles. Can he have the security clearance he needs in
> Impsec while a dual national? Or a Count? Or an Imperial Auditor?
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