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According to the 14th Amendment anyone born in the United States is
automatically a US citizen. Even children of foreign officials who are
stationed here.

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> > I THINK that I am a United States citizen and a citizen of New York
> State. I was born in Brooklyn, in New York; my mother was born in Brooklyn
> and my father was born in Poland and naturalized under his father's papers.
> In 1984, while applying for a passport, I presented my birth certificate
> for a Child of US Citizens Born Abroad, my baptismal certificate, and my
> naturalization certificate obtained when I was about 10. The State
> Department employee looked at the last, and asked why I had that
> unnecessary document.
> My sperm-donor was harassing his ex-wife, or soon to be so wife, by
> telling her I had to be naturalized. Erm, no. I didn’t qualify for Japanese
> citizenship: there are people of one Japanese parent who can’t get it. One
> woman in particular with a German father was even born in Japan—not on a
> military base—and can’t get Japanese citizenship!
> My mother was Not Amused when I told her.
> Miles wouldn’t have had that issue, if only because Betans were
> well-informed about citizenship issues in a Galactic community. My father
> was nothing like Aral, blast it.
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> >> I was under the impression that some countries granted citizenship to
> grandchildren of citizens under certain cases. Are they already dual
> citizens, even if they don't "activate" it by getting a passport or other
> stuff?
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> >> Wasn’t that hilarious? One of them was the Deputy Prime Minister and
> there were at least 4 senators. It wasn’t that long ago, in 2017
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> >>> To add to the fun: A few years ago fifteen politicians in our Federal
> >>> government had to resign because someone dug up a dusty old
> >>> section of the Constitution that everyone had forgotten about, which
> >>> states that you can't be elected to our parliament if you have any
> >>> allegiance to a foreign power - including dual citizenship.
> >>>
> >>> The funniest part was that most of them didn't even know that they
> >>> had dual citizenship. There was a lot of scrambling around, checking
> old
> >>> family documentation, and trying to rescind things.
> If Miles has dual citizenship, and were it thought/encoded that that would
> be a conflict in his role as an Auditor, I believe Gregor would overrule to
> state that in this particular case, no such conflict existed.
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