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Something of the sort was done for the birth of the Princess of the
Netherlands, IIRC---during WWII, the Queen of the Netherlands was in exile
in Canada, and due to give birth.  The Canadian government declared the
part of the hospital she was in to be temporarily Netherlands soil, so that
the Princess' claim to Netherlandership would be unquestioned.

I always thought that was a really nice thing to do.

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> Same thing happened with the crown prince of Yugoslavia:
> Alexander was born in Suite 212 of Claridge's Hotel in Brook Street,
> Mayfair, London. The British Government is said to have temporarily
> ceded sovereignty over the suite in which the birth occurred to
> Yugoslavia so that the crown prince would be born on Yugoslav
> territory,[2][8] though the story may be apocryphal, as there exists no
> documentary record of this. Another part of the story says that a box of
> soil from the homeland was placed under the bed, so the Prince could be
> born on Yugoslav soil.[9]
> (From: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Alexander,_Crown_Prince_of_Yugoslavia
> )
> Note that he was prince for only a few months, after that Yugoslavia was
> declared a republic.
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