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Yup, in the Civic Hospital in Ottawa. It's just a few blocks from my 

The Civic BTW was built in response to the 1918-19 influenza pandemic.


On Wed, 8 Dec 2021, Eric Oppen wrote:

> Something of the sort was done for the birth of the Princess of the
> Netherlands, IIRC---during WWII, the Queen of the Netherlands was in exile
> in Canada, and due to give birth.  The Canadian government declared the
> part of the hospital she was in to be temporarily Netherlands soil, so that
> the Princess' claim to Netherlandership would be unquestioned.
> I always thought that was a really nice thing to do.
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>> On 08/12/2021 06:27, A. Marina Fournier via Lois-Bujold wrote:
>> Same thing happened with the crown prince of Yugoslavia:
>> Alexander was born in Suite 212 of Claridge's Hotel in Brook Street,
>> Mayfair, London. The British Government is said to have temporarily
>> ceded sovereignty over the suite in which the birth occurred to
>> Yugoslavia so that the crown prince would be born on Yugoslav
>> territory,[2][8] though the story may be apocryphal, as there exists no
>> documentary record of this. Another part of the story says that a box of
>> soil from the homeland was placed under the bed, so the Prince could be
>> born on Yugoslav soil.[9]
>> (From: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Alexander,_Crown_Prince_of_Yugoslavia
>> )
>> Note that he was prince for only a few months, after that Yugoslavia was
>> declared a republic.
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