[LMB] Citizenship? - Oaths and Arde

Gwynne Powell gwynnepowell at hotmail.com
Thu Dec 9 12:34:33 GMT 2021

From: Edith <khoreutees at yahoo.com>

Edith: Dragging this back on topic, if I may.
That whole question of can you hold office while being a dual citizen is
part of why I initially said that Cordelia and Miles potentially have
Betan citizenship was a problem (or at least interesting). I could
imagine Barrayar having some kind of similar resistance to those with
allegiance to a foreign power holding office. So does Cordelia have to
renounce her Betan citizenship before becoming Vicereine of Sergayar?
And what about Miles. Can he have the security clearance he needs in
Impsec while a dual national? Or a Count? Or an Imperial Auditor?

Gwynne: For Countships, Barrayar has the 'Count's Choice' rule - anyone
chosen by the Count can be named as his heir - even a horse.
So if a horse can be a legally recognised Count's heir, I think the principle
extends to other positions: for important jobs it's the Emperor's Choice.
So if he chooses someone for a high position, and she has Betan
citizenship as well... at least she's not a horse. Gregor doesn't have to
answer to anyone else for his choices (technically, although he's well
aware of the need to keep political support.)

We're also told, somewhere early on I think when Aral is explaining
Barrayar to Cordelia, that the system works on people not structure. So
Gregor appoints someone he thinks will do a good job, he doesn't have to
pick someone who fits a set of requirements. And rulings follow the
spirit of the law, not the words, so again if a case can be made to choose
a particular person, then they're acceptable.

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