[LMB] Citizenship? - Oaths and Arde

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Part of the duties of a Count's Voice seems to be making a record of criminal and civil activities 'to Inform the Count'.

Hence, the local voice would record (and remit to the district capital) birth,s deaths, marriages, divorces and such.

(What DOES a Barrayaran Divorce look like? - that's one for you, M'Lady!)

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Gwynne: I'm wondering about the accuracy of record-keeping on Barrayar.
Weddings don't have any civil record at all, at least at the time, and no need
for licences - there's no mention of it, but presumably the union has to be
registered somewhere? At some point?
As for births and deaths; does the village Headman keep the records? There's
no mention of anything in Mountains of Mourning, but again I presume that
somebody writes names and dates down somewhere. There's no organised
religion, so it has to depend on local government. Does the Headman keep
the records and send them to the District capital each year?
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