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>>ISTR that Quaker and Jewish marriages were, at least in England for the longest time, not acknowledged by (at least the CofE) the civil authorities. Not up for a search for when that changed.
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>How about Roman Catholic and marriages in other non-conformist sects?

In the UK, a marriage¹ is registered by the civil authorities.  Certain
ministers of religion are empowered to act as registrars - and it's
actually the dull bit at the end, where the register is signed, that
makes it a legal marriage.  In law, at least, the rest is merely

Quakers and Jews are exempt from the restrictions of the Marriage Act,
and for instance Jews are able to be married outdoors in England, as
long as it's under a chupah.  In England, you have to be inside a
building - though this is under review.  In Scotland, the law merely
requires a place that is "safe and dignified".

¹I'm using marriage as a generic term, as there is also the option of a
Civil Partnership, which is what my wife and I had.  Originally, this
was only for same-sex couples, but it was challenged in the High Court
under discrimination legislation and was changed in 2019.
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