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I am totally confused!!! What is this a reference to?


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>Cursing, he opened the tear in his sleeve to assess the damage. Just a scratch, but it stung like the devil. He bent to pick up the whip and coil it. Handy, that. If he had been caught unarmed… Sweat trickled down his back. He would have to heed his own advice and be more careful when he went out.
>A thin, nervous-looking man stuck his head out the door of the leather shop and eyed first James then the whip.
>“Dr. Jones?”
>James handed him the whip. “No—you must have me confused with someone else.”
>Excerpt From
>Fortune's Flower, set in 1847–in Tunisia at this point.
>Anthea Lawson
>A. Marina Fournier
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>Je persisterai quand même, car j’ais survécu d’être née
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